More Couches Needed!

Welcome to Relationship Experts

We are a small non-profit with a passion to equip people and churches with the tools needed to grow strong relationships.
We’ve helped hundreds of couples and families over the years!

Our couch has been the safe landing spot for many, and we are privileged to have been part of it all.
But we want to do more.

More couches are needed!

Thankfully, many have confided a desire and need for more training to equip people on their
own couch. So we are creating more resources! Join us by exploring our videos, sharing them with others,
and praying for God to use us to equip people well.

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What they are saying

FG SQUARE 2017-15

Robyn Trantham

Training not only helped me minister and love people better, it also changed me personally. I learned to pause, to study people and read their eyes, body language, their posture. Active listening skills and asking powerful question to cultivate conversation and open thinking in another level to develop a personal strategy and goal plan that’s oriented by the other party, not led or driven by me. Learning to use the intrinsic motivation of the person or people I minister to is key.


Jordan Heath

Specialized Case Manager

I took the Cultivate Relationship Coach Training and highly recommend it for anyone interested in becoming a coach. The class is very interactive, which makes it nearly impossible to not be engaged. The assignments encourage learning in a practical and realistic way that prepares students to be future coaches. Scott and Abigail’s experience helps provide insight into how to apply a Christ centered approach to coaching.


Brittany Preiss

Brittany Priess

Student Ministries Pastor

I decided to take Cultivate Coach Training because as a pastor I wanted to be more equipped for pastoral moments with students and parents. I expected to grow and to learn how to be more intentional in my conversations, but I learned so much more. I learned how to communicate more clearly, ask powerful questions, and even make coaching a career. 


Peppers fam

Deena Peppers

I have always loved being a listening ear to people who were hurting, but I was so thrilled to get training in how to impact people more effectively. I took Cultivate Coach Training in 2016 and it was a life-changing experience. I loved the topics, and the exercises and homework moved me forward to applying the tools in my own ministry opportunities.



Kevin Miller

Technology Director

I am so grateful for the ongoing training you do at RCT. I appreciate the practical tools and resources you guys offer. As a pastor of technology, my ministry training has looked different than other pastors. The relationship tools here are not only helpful, but real, funny, and applicable to me as I work with others.